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When I think of success women business owners, Rosanna Berardi immediately comes to mind. She has a unique skill set—on one hand, she demonstrates empathy, intuition and compassion; on the other, she is a fierce leader, negotiator and public speaker. She is a lifelong learner and is always sharing new information and ideas with her peer network. I’m honored to call her a business colleague and friend.

Donna Scalfaro / President of Chem-Dry of Buffalo

Rosanna did the unthinkable—she left a large law firm and started her own business in 2005. I’ve watched her successfully grow her business from the ground up.  She is innovative and built a different kind of law firm. One that has a loyal workforce, employees who love to have fun and support the community and clients that continually recommend her to others. She clearly understands the challenges facing working women and has created solutions for her employees and clients alike.

Lisa Coppola / Founder and Managing Partner at The Coppola Law Firm

Rosanna Berardi is a dynamic leader. I’ve watched her grow her law firm with grace and integrity. She is passionate about women-owned businesses and truly understands the unique challenges women face on a daily basis. She generously shares her time and experience with others traveling along a similar path, helping to make everyone’s journey more fulfilling and rewarding.

Ginine Capozzi / Owner, KnowledgeForce Consulting

Rosanna Berardi is an authentic leader who inspires those around her.  She has single-handedly grown her business from a solo practice to a multi-national law firm.  She is passionate about creating loyal teams and has a unique perspective on how to keep employees happy.  I would recommend her to any woman business owner who needs guidance, strategy or direction.

Susanne Kelley / Owner, Sienna Environmental Technologies, LLC

While I had an invincible feeling that I had a great product to offer others, I needed help with the concept of marketing, creating a focus that served my talents, and setting short term as well as long term goals. Rosanna listened carefully to my hopes and dreams and then ignited my journey towards them right from the very start.  She prepared a list of ten items that needed my attention to think about and from that list she asked me to concentrate on two of the items at first.

Rosanna is a wonderful professional business coach!  She has strong business instincts, is creative, intelligent, kind, humorous, patient, and willing to share her personal professional life journey with her clients.

Theresa Agosti / Licensed Massage Therapist at Agostinelli Massage and Wellness

Rosanna truly understands the logistical and emotional complexities faced by women who are raising children and fulfilling their professional dreams. Her approach to a healthy work/life balance is grounded in her many years of building her business and crafting a work environment that values women, including working mothers.  When you meet her staff, it is evident that they are invested in their work and the company culture Rosanna has mindfully created.

Mary Frances Bayer / Co-Owner, Beyond Boundaries: Therapy for Kids

I’ve watched Rosanna Berardi build Berardi Immigration Law and am impressed with her ability to connect with both her clients and employees on an intimate level.  She understands the nuances of successful businesses: investing time in good people, creating a happy culture and identifying innovative solutions.  She has mastered the art of delegation and uses unique systems and services to meet the many demands on a women-business owner.

Anthony DeSimone / President at You're the Expert Now, LLC

“What is your life’s blueprint?”

Martin Luther King, Jr.

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